Friday, July 15, 2011

Evergreen Line Update

Well, I was happy to heard that Premier Christy Clark is supporting the mayors in funding the construction of the Evergreen Line. Earlier this week, she had a different point of view. According to the Global and Mail, Clark wrote a letter dated June 13th to the Mayor's council that said the council "has thoroughly reviewed available options and has chosen an option you believe best balances the interests of taxpayers and the need to improve transit services,"

The whole Evergreen Line process is like a relationship in a bad soap opera. It's on, then off, than on again. I think that is will take a shovel in the ground before I'll believe that the thing will be finally built.

Of course if the province wasn't so obsessed with SkyTrain, we could have built the Evergreen Line as it was originally proposed -a light rail system- for $953 million, not the current $1.4 billion. The two-cent gas tax that the mayors are proposing could have been used to build rapid transit in the South of Fraser.

Another fun fact, the $953 million version of the Evergreen Line was suppose to open this year. Fail!

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