Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Christy Clark and the Evergreen Line

I have to say that I was a bit shocked to learn that after finally coming up with a way to pay for always promised and never delivered Evergreen Line, Premier Christy Clark is having second thoughts. According to the Global and Mail:
“When British Columbians say that they’re not really excited about paying more gas taxes, I get that. Because my focus as Premier is how do we make life more affordable for people rather than less affordable,” she said.

Last week, after meeting with Mr. Lekstrom, the mayors were celebrating the end of a two-year-long stalemate with the province. “It’s really great for us to be acting in concert with the minister,” said deputy chair Pamela Goldsmith-Jones at the time.

Mr. Lekstrom was not available for comment on Monday, but Ms. Clark said she’ll give the mayors more time to come up with a funding proposal that fits with her preference to cap or lower the tax burden on B.C. families.
I wonder how the Premier thinks that we are going to pay for this project and other transportation projects in the future. Higher fares, road fees, property tax? It all costs money. As far as I can tell, there are two options to pay for improving transit: a regional tax/fee/charge or a cheque from the province. The other option is no transit improvements at all and that is no option at all. If the Evergreen Line doesn't get built, don't expect any transit upgrade in the South of Fraser. This is very depressing indeed.

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