Thursday, April 28, 2011

LRT Recommended for rapid transit connection in Victoria

On Tuesday, BC Transit announced that light rail is the preferred technology to connect Victoria's West Shore communities to its city centre. According to the press release:
Based on extensive public consultation and detailed analysis, Light Rail Transit (LRT) has been identified as the preferred technology that will meet the goals and objectives of the Victoria Regional Rapid Transit Project.

“To meet the goals of the public and local government, LRT has been identified as the preferred technology for rapid transit,” said Manuel Achadinha, BC Transit President and CEO.

When the project first began in late 2008, local government partners and the public agreed to the project goals and objectives:
-increase market share from 7% to 12% by 2030, nearly doubling ridership to 55 million passengers per year,
-reduce greenhouse gas emissions to help achieve the Provincial Transit Plan target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other air contaminants from cars by 4.7 million tonnes by 2020,
-encourage effective land use and
-create an efficient and reliable system.
-LRT was found to have the capacity to achieve the project’s goals, deliver the most long‐term benefits for the Capital Region and had the highest level of community support.
The system is budgeted to cost $950 million to construct. Here is a news story about the project including a section about some business owners who are opposed to the plan. The clip is from A Channel.

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Robert W. White said...

My favourite line: "Businesses along the corridor will be devastated if there's an inability of people to get to their businesses."

Because a regular train full of passengers riding past your business means inability to get there?

Yes, I understand that he was likely referring to the construction period, and we know what damage that can cause (Cambie St.), but without explicitly stating so, he just further encourages backwards thinking from his supporters.