Monday, April 4, 2011

The Auckland Plan

Auckland is New Zealand's largest region with a population of close to 1.5 million, home to a full 1/3 of Kiwis, and 35% of the country's GDP. Up until the end of 2010, the region had seven municipalities and one regional district. The central government of New Zealand thought that this many local governments were hindering Auckland's progress, and form a Royal Commission which recommend the formation of a Toronto-style megacity. While this might be a mistake if Tornoto is any indication and most livable regions in the world have many local governments and a strong regional government (think our region or Portland), it has allowed the region to embark on a new regional growth strategy.

The Auckland Plan will be a bold 30-year vision and strategy for Auckland underpinned by the Mayor's vision of making it the world's most livable city.

This is a triple bottom line plan and I'll be going over it in more details in the next little while. The following video is posted on their website and give some context to the challenges the region must overcome.

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