Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dan Burden Does A TED Talk

Back in December I was in LA working with Dan Burden on a project. He told me at that time, that he would be doing a talk for TED. Well, it has arrived. Mr. Dan Burden at TEDx Manhattan Beach! Dan has sent along another interesting link from the same TED discussion and I will be posting that on another day.

Dan believes this economic crisis is causing America (and probably many other places) to wake up and change the way we are building our communities. Development is not a bad thing. It is how we do development that can be good or bad. Listen and learn from the Master of Walkability as I call him, Mr. Dan Burden.


Mary Ann Kaufman said...

I'm so glad that your doing these kind of presentation. What project did you do in Albert Lea, MN?

Joe Zaccaria said...

You'll have to check with Dan Burden. He can be reached at: dan@walk

Joe Zaccaria said...

P.S. Catherine, thanks for reading our blog and glad you enjoy the content!