Thursday, March 3, 2011

Active Transportation Spending in Vancouver

Just for fun, I decided to compare what the City of Vancouver has set aside for cycling infrastructure improvements as compared to South of Fraser municipalities. I must point out that, with the exception of the City of Langley, budget information hasn't been easy to find and requires way to much effort to find. Anyway, in Vancouver they have a three-year, $494.8 million capital budget from 2009 to 2011. In that budget they have set aside $29 million for cycling (Cycling Network, Greenways Program, Burrard Bridge Traffic/Bicycle/Pedestrian Upgrade). On average that's $9.6m per year or $14.94 per person on cycling.

Spending on Cycling Infrastructure (not with new roads)
Vancouver $14.94 per person
Surrey $4.33 person
Township of Langley $1.68 person
City of Langley $0 person

The City of Vancouver outspends Surrey by a factor of 3 on cycling which shows that we have much catching up to do in the South of Fraser give that Vancouver is outspending us on cycling and that they had a 20 year head start!

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