Friday, March 11, 2011

200th Street and Langley Bypass Interchange

The City of Langley has posted a new 47 page presentation on the 192 St/51 Ave/196 St, $121.00 million Roberts Bank Rail Corridor Program Overpass Project. What I found interesting is that on page 27 thought was given to a major interchange at 200th Street and the Langley Bypass. It was costed at over $150 million and was quickly rejected.

Proposed 200th Street and Langley Bypass Interchange

This goes back to a previous point I've been making on this blog which is that the road network we see is pretty much what we got due to the high cost of plowing roads through viable businesses and residential neighbourhoods. In the South of Fraser we will be ringed by freeways, but we will have to rely on a diverse transportation mix to get us through the increasingly congestion core road network.

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