Friday, February 4, 2011

Reading around the web

Our first stop takes us to GOOD, where there is a post on how the World Health Organization see the connection between better public transit and active transportation, and health.
Transport is important for public health because of a number of connections. Every year, 1.2 million people die in traffic crashes each year. And physical inactivity is responsible for 3.2 million deaths and 19 million healthy life years lost annually. Other health risks come from outdoor urban air pollution, traffic injuries, traffic noise, climate change and non-communicable diseases, like heart disease and diabetes.
According to the BC Government, the Everygreen SkyaTrain line is full steam ahead having received it environmental assessment certificate.
The EAO assessment report concluded the project is not likely to have significant adverse effects, based on the mitigation measures and commitments included as conditions of the environmental assessment certificate. The provincial certificate contains 157 commitments the proponent must implement throughout various stages of the project.
Finally if you are interested in learn more about climate change and what California is doing, I suggest you check out the California Air Resource Board's website. It contains a ton of information.

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