Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Public Transportation on the Edge and Personal Choices

Driving our own personal vehicles costs more than just the gas we buy to keep it going.

I am not against the auto and we will always have it in some form, but in a lot of cases we do not have any other choice but to buy and maintain a vehicle for every member in the family. This "convenience" comes at a high price:

-Traffic jams
-Finding parking and paying for parking
-Paying extra for goods since merchants pay for huge parking lots
-Injuries and deaths caused by accidents
-Paying more for health care due to pollution, obscenity, and injuries

Walking to public transportation and riding bicycles gives us many beneficial advantages: mentally, physically, socially, and observing some drivers maybe spiritually as well.

It is interesting to me that when the Provincial government wants to put in new roads, they call this an investment. However when the public asks for better public transportation to give us transportation choice, we are told we will have to pay for this at a local level. By the way, the cost to each household a year in Metro Vancouver who be $36 extra to improve public transportation and cycling in the South of Fraser. $36 is worth it for transportation choice, but maybe if we didn't putting all our money into roads we won't even need to pay $36 extra a year in the first place.

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