Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eliza Olson - A BC Treasure

Apart from our advocacy for better transit, smart growth and sustainability, we need to take time out to honour the hero's of change among us. Earlier this year South Fraser OnTrax was blessed to spend a couple of hours with Eliza Olson. Eliza has been the president of the Burns Bog Conservation Society for the past 22 years. Her and 19 other concerned citizens formed this society in 1988.

After spending her career was an educator, Eliza, now in her 70's, continues to be a true BC treasure in advocating for the preservation of Burns Bog. If one can ignore the delicate ecosystem of the bog and all of its, unique flora and fauna, you can't ignore the fact that these peatlands are "the Lungs of the Lower Mainland". The bog acts as an air filter and also provides oxygen. Acting as a "carbon sink", the bog turns CO2 into organic materials.

Thanks to Eliza and the others, Burns Bog is a rich outdoor classroom as kids from all over take in the numerous educational programs offered in the bog.

Eliza Olson has been selected as one of ten finalists by the CBC for their "Champions of Change" contest. You can vote for Eliza here and we very much encourage you to do so. If she wins, the Burns Bog Conservation Society will receive $25,000.

The CBC list of 10 is very impressive and all deserve recognition. We hope you will consider casting your vote for Eliza Olson who has given freely many years of her life to protect Burns Bog and our air quality.

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