Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Metro Vancouver Walkability Index

A report came across my inbox titled "Neighbourhood Design, Travel, and Health in Metro Vancouver: Using a Walkability Index". The report looks at the importance of creating walkable communities as it relates to human health. environment, and affordability. I have uploaded the report to our document archive for you to read, but I wanted to highlight the map of walkability that was included in the report.

While the South of Fraser has some ways to go to improve walkability if you look at the dark red on the map, it almost lines up perfect with the ALR boundaries or mountain areas with no development. It would be helpful if those areas were a different colour, so the real areas we need to focus on aren't drowned in a sea of red. If you remove the ALR from the map, you will see that with the exception of Vancouver, New Westminster, and some parts of Burnaby, as a region we have a great opportunities to improve walkability.

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