Wednesday, November 17, 2010

BCTA - Meeting Last Night

Last night, we had the chance to hear from Greg Kolesniak who is a policy analyst for the BC Trucking Association. While the first thing that may come to your mind is the connection between the BCTA and the Gateway Program, I was surprised to hear about the new research that they are starting.

Greg talked about how if you try to solve the issue of congestion with only supply-side solutions, you will shortly find that you have exhausted any spare capacity. The BCTA is now researching Transportation Demand Management (TDM) solutions for Metro Vancouver. I think there is an acknowledgement from all players that the Gateway Program is the last kick-at-the-can for supply-based congestion mitigation strategies and that TDM is in the future for Metro Vancouver.

The BCTA will be looking at all TDM from congestion pricing to distance based insurance. It will be interesting to see what they recommend for this region.

Besides TDM, Greg also gave an overview of the trucking industry in BC and you can find out more information in the presentation below.

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