Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Small Poem

When I am old and cannot drive I will be a second in my hive.

I will have to rely on others and I do not have any brothers.

I know the answer I will get, even though I am not there yet.

Do what you do and do not bother since I am not your mother or your brother.

Be responsible for yourself and do not rely on others.

Since we are not your mother and you do not have any brothers.

I will still be able to fell that happiness with in.

But physically I will be shut in.

I will still be a happy soul and still be able to console.

It really would be nice if I did not have to toss that dice.

If there was better public transit here,

I would not have to sit and sneer.

I could go places around where I live and

Not rely on others to give and give.

Please trust me when I say we are all going to be old someday.

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