Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Premier still loves SkyTrain

Looks like the love affair with SkyTrain is going as strong as ever. According to an article in the Burnaby NewsLeader:
SkyTrain detractors should consider the benefits of the technology and not focus solely on the lower cost of building new rapid transit lines with at-grade light rail, Premier Gordon Campbell said.

"You can't have an urban transit system at rural densities," he said. "You have to actually give yourself a chance for transit to make ends meet."
This is the same stuff we've been hearing for years: Surrey, the second largest city in the region with a higher urban density than Burnaby is too "rural" for SkyTrain, yet light rail is still poo-pooed. *sigh*

Side note: I don't know of any transit system or road system in North America that breaks even... If transit needs to "make ends meet", I sure hope that the same applies for roads.

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