Monday, September 20, 2010

New Report on Restoring the Interurban

The folks at Rail for the Valley have released a new report on restoring Interurban service between Vancouver and Chilliwack. The report was prepared by Leewood Projects out of the UK.

The report looks at a 20 - 30 minute rail service which would be similar to the frequency of the West Coast Express with the exception that the service would run bi-directionally and all day. The report looks at a two phased approach to restoring service. Phase 1 would be between Surrey (Scott Road) and Chilliwack costing $491m. Phase 2 would electrify and connect the system to downtown Vancouver for a cost of $360m for a grand total of $998m. This would provide 138km of service for less than the cost of the 11km Evergreen Line! Of course in Surrey and Langley, we would still need 15min or better rail service for local travel whether on the Interurban or another corridor, so this report really looks at a regional rail service which I believe must connect to Vancouver to be truly successful. Please check out the full report.

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