Tuesday, July 6, 2010

South of Fraser - Number One Transit Priority

I came across an article in Black Press' BCLocalNews website over the power shift that is happening from Vancouver to Surrey. For too long Surrey and the South of Fraser has received little attention when it came to transit. Over the past few years things have been improving with increased bus service, but we still have along way to go out here to get transit parity with the rest of the region. According the Jeff Nagel, Metro Vancouver's board voted to give South of Fraser rapid transit expansion priority over Vancouver transit expansion at their June 25th meeting.
Vancouver Coun. Raymond Louie tried to amend the motion to put the Broadway extension on equal footing, but the board rejected the idea, saying priority for the Surrey extension fits the region’s growth strategy.

“It wasn’t well-received,” Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart said of the amendment.

“Vancouver needs to embrace the rest of the region and the enormous needs the rest of the region has.”
Have the tided changed for the South of Fraser?

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