Monday, July 12, 2010

Calgary Series

Last week, I was in Calgary for a bit of a mini-vacation. I used to live in Calgary and the relentless expansion of the City over the last decade is truly mind boggling . Where there was once nothing, there is now kilometers of single-family housing. Equally impressive is the City’s recent push to add more multi-family housing with everything from row homes to towers in the downtown area and around their light rail stations. This stuff didn't exist when I was living in the city. It is surprising that they are still designing the edge of the city from the “How to go bankrupt with infrastructure maintenance” handbook and still increasing the square kilometers of the city.

This turns into...

...this in south-eastern Calgary.

Calgary has the largest ecological footprint of any Canadian region and has a land area that is about double the size of Metro Vancouver with half the population. Calgary could grow with infill development and still accommodate 100 years of growth! I took some pictures of Calgary that I’ll be sharing over the next few days.

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