Monday, July 26, 2010

$77.7 billion needed for US transit systems

The US Federal Transit Administration released a report in June called the National State of Good Repair Assessment. The report looked at 5307 urban and 5311 rural transit agency in the US. It looked a bus and rail related assets and all support infrastructure. It found that 30% of all systems where in a state of good or excellent repair, 41% of systems were adequate, and 29% of all systems where in a state of marginal or poor repair. It is estimated that $77.7 billion would been needed to bring all systems to a state of good repair and an "annual average of $14.4 billion in normal replacement expenditures would be required to keep that backlog from getting larger."

It is interesting to note that this does not included any expansion of systems and really points to the level of underfunding of transit systems in the US. I suggest that you check out the full report.

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