Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Quattro 3 in Surrey - Location, Location, Location

I've been looking to write about a new development in the City of Surrey and just have not had a free moment. I plan to do a couple of posts on QUATTRO because it is worthy of some note here. I am also awaiting slides from that Active Transportation forum I attended because I want to provide some visuals for you.

We will highlight sustainable and/or transit oriented developments here from time to time. We are not getting money to do this (we don't!), but as advocates we feel we need to recognize quality developers that buy into the vision that the people who read this blog support. So, let's look at Quattro for a bit...

Back in 2008 part of this nearly-completed development burnt to the ground. The developer took his time to assemble a quality product and this past Saturday May 1st, Quattro 3 was launched. In the heart of Surrey City Centre this development is very transit oriented and walkable. Quattro 1 and 2 sold out within hours of their launch. Sales of Quattro 3 have been brisk and I believe this is due to people getting over their love affairs with automobiles and looking to public transit and walkable neighbourhoods.

I thought in this post I would keep it short and perovide this area map to show just how walkable and transit-accessible Quattro really is. See for yourself:

How would you like all of these amenities in your back yard? What you may not realize is that Mayor Dianne Watts and her administration have dedicated a City of Surrey Economic Development section JUST for Surrey City Centre and as most know, she has committed to relocate Surrey City Hall to this area. You've heard the phrase, "Don't Mess with Texas"? I say, don't mess with Surrey. Watch this space as we examine more details about this exciting development at Quattro 3.

If you know of a transit-oriented or sustainable development in your area, please e-mail us with some info and a URL and we will check it out and investigate including it here.

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whalleyboy said...

Look into Urban village in Surrey too. Surrey central is really stepping up the transit orient areas. One thing I think Surrey should really try and get going is a community shuttle going around the ring roads for people in central one day. Sure people should be able to walk but not everyone is as able.