Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More on Quattro 3

I promised more sustainability info on the Quattro 3 development in Surrey that was launched on May 1st. Here it is:
  • All of the Quattro buidlings (1-3) are set into grade and therefore do not have excessive land requirements. This allows for more green space on the property.
  • Quattro 3 offers more homes on the same footprint as the other Quattro buildings. But as Quattro 3 is a five-story building and Quattro 1 & 2 are four-story, Quattro 3 gains the higher density.
  • Quattro 3 suites have Low-E coating on glazing (glass windows, doors, etc.), fluorescent lighting in some common areas including corridors, and energy efficient appliances.
Here's the sweet spot as I see it. You are nearby to two SkyTrain stations and in a walkable neighbourhood that allows you to visit the super market and other shopping and services. the Quattro community is built on land that previously provided NO usable public land. It now offers the Quattro community green space with parking and an outdoor atrium - all amenities that did not exist before Quattro. If you are looking for a new home, check out Quattro. At some point very soon I hope to visit their presentation centre and check it out for myself.

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