Friday, May 21, 2010

Edinburgh Tram (Streetcar)

In the 1950's, almost all of the streetcar systems in North America were ripped out and replaced by bus service. This was know as the Great American streetcar scandal. We had our own in Vancouver when BC Electric dismantled the system and burned the streetcars under the Burrard Street Bridge to save money on paving streets. Anyway in Edinburgh, Scotland, they also ripped out their system in the 1950's. I believe that the wholesale dismantlement of streetcar systems was one of the greatest mistakes that western society did. Only 50 years later, streetcar systems are once again being built all over the world. In Edinburgh, I took some pictures of their new streetcar that will be put into service in 2012 - 2014. They are constructing a new 18.5km line.

Outside the new streetcar

Inside the new streetcar

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