Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Anthem Properties Development Update

I have to make a bit of a clarification about our letter and earlier post on the Anthem Properties development at Glover Road and the Langley Bypass. We were under the impression that the Gateway Street component of the Downtown Langley Master Plan went to the Langley Bypass in all directions. It turns out that the North Gateway is Duncan Way, the South Gateway is 54A Ave, the East Gateway is 206th Street, and the West Gateway is 201A St.

Most of the pedestrian access is through a new internal road that, rather ironically, has the same features as the City of Langley's "Gateway Street".

Internal Road of New Development

I'm happy to report that the development will include bike parking throughout the development and in highly visible areas. Our fear that the building "turns its back" from Glover Road is partially mitigated by using glass features instead of a blank wall, but there is no pedestrian access directly off Glover Road which was our main concern. Anyhow, the 70,000sq. ft (30,000sq. ft for office use) development is going for a LEED Gold rating and was approved at the March 22, 2010 City of Langley Council Meeting.

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