Friday, March 19, 2010

208th Street Bike Lanes

The friendly staff at the City of Langley forwarded me the drawings for the 208th Street project which you can see in this post.

208th Street between 52nd Avenue and 48th Avenue. Click image to enlarge.

208th Street between 52nd Avenue and Fraser Highway. Click image to enlarge.

I wanted to highlight some information from the drawings. The bike lanes run from 52nd Avenue to 48th Avenue. From 52nd Avenue to Fraser Highway, due to cost saving measures, the City decided to go with wide curb lanes.

Wide Curb Lanes

What is interesting about the drawings is that they make no mention of marking the wide curb lanes with a bike symbol. Marking the lanes is a notice to motorist that they are using shared space. Besides adding bike lanes, there are many other good changes happening.

208th Street Cross-Profile. Click image to Enlarge

The lighting is moving to the middle of the road. This will get the lamp standards out of the sidewalk and out of pedestrian’s way. They are adding a raised median which will improve safety. If the median is planeted with strong vertical shapes (like trees) it can actually lower speeds. The City has also gone with 10 foot lanes which are just as safe as 12 foot Ministry of Transpiration size lanes without taking up an additional 8 feet of right-of-way.

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