Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Quick Update

One of the good things about TransLink is that it is a regional transportation authority. Basically it allows us to have an easy to use, consistent system. It also helps because we can plan and provide transportation from a regional perspective which is very important. Traveling in many places in the US, I can see how confusing and inefficient multiply agencies serving the same region can be. Anyway, I found this interesting article about Detroit and how that region is looking at creating a regional transit agency.
President Barack Obama has made it clear: Regions that don’t cooperate will lose federal aid. So it’s important for the city of Detroit to join Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties now in pushing a plan to create a regional transit authority. Without it, the city and region will be in no spot to compete for federal funds in the next six-year transportation bill. Protect what we have? Bump that. Let’s go out and get something bigger and better.
In other news, it looks like Surrey will be bus shelter-free this winter.
Two hundred and sixty bus shelters in this city have been removed to make way for new ones. But the plan has some people wondering what transit riders are to do during the wettest and coldest days of the year.

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