Monday, October 12, 2009

Transportation Summit 2009 - Portland

Happy Thanksgiving Monday! I'd thought I would repost something that arrived in my inbox:
CNU's Transportation Summit Tours Offer In-Depth Look at Transportation's Role in Great Urban Places

Filling up fast, tours are another great reason to be in Portland for CNU's top event for advancing livable transportation reform to bring convenience, value and sustainability to communities nationwide

Register before October 15th for best rates — and the reassurance of having a reserved place on your favourite tour!

Tour what many believe is the most networked, pedestrian-oriented and bike-friendly city in the US at this year's CNU Transportation Summit. Guided by expert urbanists, you will gain in-depth insight into Portland's green streets network and its innovative street designs, bicycle network, transit-oriented downtown mall and modern streetcar network.

It's all part of CNU's 2009 Transportation Summit, this year's key conference for advancing the highly networked multi-modal transportation solutions that support sustainable communities. CNU's Summit is the best way for you to get involved in the professional revolution that's replacing conventional auto-oriented design with transportation that supports healthier, safer and more livable neighbourhoods. Check out some top reasons to attend the the 2009 summit and read about how conference buzz is building.

The Best Transportation City in the United States?
To complement the conference's cutting-edge presentations, seminars and problem-solving sessions, the summit provides ample opportunities to get onto the streets of Portland and examine reforms that have proved influential around the country. View detailed information about each of the five tours online. See up close if Portland is as good as everyone says it is and learn how to apply lessons from this urban innovation center to your own city or town. Each of the five separate tours offer a firsthand look at concepts touted by pioneers of New Urbanism and Smart Growth. Be a part of these innovative tours on November 4:

-See how Portland's 20-year Green Streets Network will reduce runoff and promote context-sensitive design on over 700 miles of public and private streets.

-Join CNU for a two-wheeled summit first! Ride Portland's Bicycle Network to understand why bikes now account for between 3 percent and 8 percent of all trips within the city. Bring your own bike or rent one with a special CNU discount. Join one of the original planners of the network who will lead this tour.

-Experience the transit mall first-hand to see how a city can transform itself by removing a freeway and focusing on public transportation. Learn how and why it's a truly inter-modal public space that accommodates today's needs and tomorrow's potential.

-See Portland's Modern Streetcar Network a transit system scaled to its surroundings, offering a truly viable alternative to driving. Experience the best of streetcar transit within Portland's small-block pedestrian friendly network structure. Learn how this public investment has fostered private investment and complements a superb network of streets.

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