Friday, October 16, 2009

How Stuff Works: 200th Street Traffic Lights

One of our members, Herb Klein, sent an email to Township of Langley Councillor Jordan Bateman inquiring about how traffic signals are coordinated along the 200th Street corridor. I found the information interest, so I thought I would share it. As a side note, I believe the traffic signals along and around the Langley Bypass as coordinated with the Ministry of Transportation (MoT), City, and Township.
-72 Ave operates independently. The nearest signal is 1 mile away, and there are no benefits to including it in coordination.

-80 Ave to 84 Ave are linked together on the Township's ICONS traffic management system and are coordinated. We are having some issues with vehicle detection at 80 Ave that our tech is trying to resolve.

-86 Ave to 92A Ave are interfaced with the MoT signals and are not linked to our ICONS system. Currently, 86 Ave to the [traffic signals on the 200th Street Overpass] are linked and communicating. There is additional equipment that is being ordered to add 91A and 92A Ave into the MoT system. Once this is complete, the signals from 86 Ave to 92A Ave will operate as one system.

-96 Ave is not linked into the system as it is too far away from 92A Ave to offer benefits from coordination.
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