Monday, June 15, 2009

Bridge Celebration

By this time tomorrow, thousands of vehicles per hour will be taking advantage of the new Golden Ears Bridge. In fact, the bridge can handle more vehicles per hour than the Albion Ferry could handle all day. It all equates to some big changes for the region. One thing that I found odd about this whole project is that TransLink (the transit agency) didn’t allow for any future transit only lanes. The only reason that I could think of is that by having it all general traffic, the private operator will be able to maximize on revenue. One could argue that it is in the best interest of the private operator to ensure that the bridge is being used as much as possible. This is different than 200th Street that will have one of its general travel lanes converted for transit only in the future (that is the current plan anyway).

To celebrate the opening of the bridge, Blogger Joe, took some picture of the opening festivities. Like the Lions Gate bridge opened up the North Shore for development, the Golden Ears Bridge is opening up Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows...

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