Monday, June 1, 2009

The 595

In celebration of me being a bus-pass-carrying commuter for a year now, I forget to buy a June pass. Thank goodness for a certain 24/7 convenience store this morning and a walkable Downtown Langley...

On that topic, I got a hold of the new 595 bus schedule. It looks like the 595 will be a 30 minute service running between about 5am and 9pm on the weekdays, and 7am to 9pm on the weekends. During West Coast Express times, the bus is timed to meet up with the WCE at Maple Meadows station. Right now, I take the 502 on 53rd Ave at 6:36am and get into work right at 8:00am. If I were to take the WCE and new 595, I would catch a 6:43am bus from Langley Centre and get to work at 8:20am. Sadly that would make me late for work, so I won’t be able to take the new service. I would image that the people in Walnut Grove will love the new bus as it gets them into Vancouver faster. Some interesting notes on routing: this bus will take the 203rd overpass. It would appear that TransLink is putting all their new routes over it. Also, the 501 and 595 will run within minutes of each other, so there really won't be improve frequency on the 200th Street corridor.

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