Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Interesting Slides

TransLink recently did a road show to our local governments. Here are some slides from the presentations that I found informative.

On Canada Line

On Golden Ears Bridge

Rail Costs

Also, light rail is still cheaper to operate than bus rapid transit.

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Light Rail Guy said...

And if you believe TransLink, I have some Bre-X shares to sell to you.

Some notes on the RAV/Canada line automatic light metro.

- the $2.054 billion cost is rather old, the DO RAV Right folks have pegged the cost at over $2.5 billion.

- The estimated 100,000 daily riders is not quite twice as many as presently use the bus system to get into Vancouver. TransLink has never adequately told anyone where the extra riders will come from. In South Delta and South Surrey, there is a movement to return to the car if present express buses are forced fed into the metro.

As for the SkyTrain cost effectiveness slide, typical TransLink BS. Remember that the cost of US transit projects are the total cost including debt servicing, which TransLink doesn't include. As for passengers carries, 80% first take a bus to SkyTrain which means bus riders are forced onto the metro - a very bad statistic.

Actually LRT can be be built for about 1/10th the cost of SkyTrain (TTC study), but hey, the SkyTrain lobby is in full control of TransLink and don't be surprised at the results!