Thursday, February 12, 2009

Great Presentation on Policing in Metro Vancouver

What a great presentation we had tonight from Chief Officer Ward Clapham of the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Police Service (TransLink Police). So good, in fact, that we didn’t even get to our regular meeting items. We will cover these items next month, so we don’t have any minutes.

I have posted up the slides from his presentation, but there were some key phrases from Chief Clapham that stuck out to me. In a moment of post modern writing: Proactive, Front Line in the Streets Policing, Neighborhood, Comprehensive, Relationship Building, Justice for the Community, Prevention. The stuff he was talking about really made sense to me and are also things that I believe should be done. For those who know me, I’m not a "full guns blazing, police state" kind of guy. The stuff that Chief Clapham was talking about was prevention, relationship building, and community restorative justice. Joe will be writing in more detail for the blog tomorrow, so I won’t give everything away.

As a note, we normally post audio of all the presentations we host. Due to the sensitive nature of tonight presentation, we don’t have any audio. (We ate it for the greater good.) Again, a big thanks to Chief Officer Ward Clapham for coming out to Langley and delivering a truly refreshing presentation on policing. I am now expecting great things to come out of the TransLink Police Service.

FYI: On the Canada Line, YVR and Bridgeport Stations will be getting Transit Police Service kiosks right in the station on the platform. I believe this is a first in Canada…

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