Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I love maps...

So a friend of mine posted on my facebook wall that he was “nerding from the past couple days.” He drew up this map of his 2040 rapid transit fantasy. I like pretty maps, so I thought I would share it. You can find more information about this on a thread at SkyscraperCity.

A brief description so far
(there was more thought behind everything, but I'll explain all that once I'm finished, as I have yet to complete the loop - something going out to the ferries and meeting up with the blue line, as well as the inclusion of the west coast express)

Generally, my plan was to have stations in the larger centres, and near universities/colleges, because people won't use transit if their destination requires too many transfers. As well, much of the development south of the fraser isn't even visible on the satellite images of google earth, so although some stations may seem useless, the present-day situation is much different. I've also elected to rename the vancouver/burnaby lines to colours, to allow for much easier recognition (i.e. in station paint schemes/maps).

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