Friday, January 30, 2009

Federal Taps May Flow - Mayor Green Talks Light Rail Transit



The Langley Advance just released an article by reporter Matthew Claxton who talked with Mayor Rick Green of the Township, and Mayor Peter Fassbender of the City of Langley regarding the new federal budget. Both mayors discuss infratsructure projects, but Mayor Green is talking light rail.

Although the federal government indicated that the federal infrastructure dollars will be for "shovel-ready projects", it appears that Mayor Rick Green will advocate for a project that could start in a couple of years, that project being light rail transit (LRT).

"In the Township, the top priority is a water line to Aldergrove and the Gloucester industrial area. That would complement a sewer pipe which will start construction soon. However, Township Mayor Rick Green was more cautious in his hopes for federal cash being realized." 

-- The Langley Advance

"I have heard nothing," Green said. "I'm hoping I'll hear something by the end of the week." Green said he is not sure that all the money will go to "shovel ready" projects. Some of the projects may be a couple years away from starting construction, Green said. Green said he hopes that Surrey Mayor Diane Watts has brought regional issues to the forefront. She has been lobbying for money for projects that would affect much of the south Fraser area. "We're talking light rail," Green said."

--Mayor Rick Green


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