Friday, October 3, 2008

Liberal Candidate Jake Gray QA

This is part two in a series asking two simple questions to Langley federal candidates. Here is the response from Liberal candidate Jake Gray.

1. What will your party do to improve public transportation in the South of Fraser Region?
The liberal party has committed 70 billion over ten years for infrastructure reinvestment. It would be up to individual MPs to fight for this funding. As you are aware our current MP fails miserably at this task. As your MP I can assure you I will deliver.

2. Does your party support the restoration of the Interurban Rail Line?
The Interurban is not specifically mentioned in our platform, nor is it mentioned in any party's platform, so I can't say that my party supports the restoration of the Interurban. I can say the liberal party supports development of public transportation. I can say that I support the restoration of the Interurban. For that matter I can also say that I support… an integrated lower mainland transportation system incorporating rail, road and water.

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