Monday, October 6, 2008

16th Avenue In The News Again

16th Avenue is in the news again. If you haven't realized it, this road is becoming increasing more important to Surrey, Langley and Abbotsford. Its an ever-increasing gateway from Whiterock straight out to Abbotsford Airport.

At tonight's Regular Township Council Meeting, Councillor Charlie Fox will present a Notice of Motion requesting that the Township write to the Ministry of Transportation (MoT) and the City of Surrey to request that they support a northbound onramp from 16th Avenue onto Highway 99 that will take 2 miles off individual commutes and improve access. Of course this plan would also reduce hydrocarbon emissions. Here is the full text of this Notice of Motion:

Installation of Northbound Onramp from 16 Avenue onto Highway 99

Whereas 16 Avenue is a major east-west commuter route; and Whereas the present access to Highway 99 forces traffic to make a two mile drive to access the onramp at 8 Avenue; Be it resolved that a letter be written to the Ministry of Transportation and the City of Surrey requesting their support to install a northbound onramp from 16 Avenue onto Highway 99. This will take two miles off of individual commutes, improve access to Highway 99 from 16 Avenue and reduce the onramp traffic at 8 Avenue and reduce the hydrocarbons emitted from the commuting vehicles accordingly.

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