Thursday, September 25, 2008

Commuting - Part II

In followup to yesterday's post about commuting into Vancouver from Langley, I present the photo edition.

6:30am - My Bus Stop

6:38am - My Bus

6:39am - My Bus, 1/4 Full

6:45am - Langley Centre Bus Loop, Few Seats Left

6:50am - Standing Room Only - 64th Ave. and Fraser Highway

On the Way Back - 5:00pm (This is the 502 Line...

...and this is the line behind me!)


Unknown said...

Pretty much. And if there's a late bus, the lineup looks like that at 6:30, too. Commenting on Part 1 as well, there is a 395 that begins at 160th St to King George, and that helps, but I think it's just the one. I noticed that KG Skytrain would actually be busier the earlier you go, and I never got there earlier than 7:15 I think, but yes, tremendously busy and generally people don't bother getting on if all the seats are taken. In fact, sometimes it leaves with empty seats but that helps out the folks at Surrey Central. What's frustrating is the people that sit on, like at Waterfront, to jump the queue at KG. More 395s would help relieve some burden but I've seen the occasional person skip by that bus as if it takes longer? Ultimately the solution is going to have to be LRT, not BRT, and probably combined with frequent-stop bus service for people staying within the area. And Nathan, it may be that only 2% travel out... but that 2% is a BIG NUMBER! I wonder what the actual figure is?

Unknown said...

Oh the joy that is Valley Transit...

I was waiting for the 502 last week it was supposed to arrive around 11pm I am supposing it arrived early, as I waited and waited for a bus to arrive the next one was supposed to come at 12midnight it eventually arrived at 12:27 the supervisor told me there had been a train accident... why do they not have backup this would never happen in Van.. well maybe UBC but not down town.. I have had three instances where buses have made me late for work and now have to get a cab... one was a community shuttle looked like the person driving had just woke up, another the 320.. who told me traffic was bad... any suggestions what I can do?

James O'Neill