Thursday, July 11, 2024

Updating Parking Requirements for 'Plexes. Council Approves Signing Canada Community Building Fund Agreement.

A parking lot in Langley City

In June, Langely City updated our zoning bylaws to enable provincial transit-oriented area zoning and "Small-Scale Multi-Unit Housing." While I encourage you to read a previous post on this, the short of it is that people can, by right, build four- or six-plexes within urban areas. You can build at higher densities by right as you get closer to SkyTrian stations and transit exchanges.

Another provincial change is that municipalities can no longer set minimum on-site residential parking requirements within 800 metres of SkyTrain Stations and 400 metres of frequent bus stops. However, municipalities can still set minimum requirements for accessible parking, visitor parking, on-site loading, and commercial parking. Removing parking minimums has been a win for communities, and this is a widespread and growing trend in North America.

Langley City is completing a comprehensive zoning and parking update, but the province required all municipalities to enable "Small-Scale Multi-Unit Housing" zoning by the end of June. As a stop-gap until this review is complete, Langley City Council gave first and second reading to update our parking requirements for "Small-Scale Multi-Unit Housing" on Monday.

In areas where minimum residential parking requirements still apply in Langley City, Small-Scale Multi-Unit Housing units of 969 sq. ft. or less will require one parking spot. For units larger than 969 sq. ft., 1.5 parking spots per unit will be required.

As I posted last week, Langley City will receive continued funding as part of the renewed Canada Community Building Fund. On Monday night, Langley City Council signed off on 2024 – 2034 funding from this program, which will deliver $157,059 each year for the first three years of the agreement and $163,342 in years 4 and 5. Funding for the final five years is not yet determined.

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