Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Up Sh*t Creek: Pet Waste Killing Life in Langley City Waterways

Nothing is more annoying than stepping in dog waste that an irresponsible owner didn't pick up, and in every neighbourhood, there are at least one or two irresponsible owners.

Stepping in pet waste is annoying, but many people don't know dog waste is toxic, just like human waste. We build and use sewer systems to help reduce disease and improve public health.

Dog waste contains nitrogen and phosphorus. These nutrients encourage the growth of algae, which can deplete oxygen out of waterways for fish and other water-based life. This fact is important to keep in mind.

Dog waste also contains bacteria and parasites such as E. Coli and Cryptosporidium.

One of the odd things I've noticed lately is that people pick up their dog's waste, put it in a little baggy, and shockingly throw the waste-filled baggy into creek areas.

The following picture is from Brydon Creek, just off 55A Avenue.

Pet waste bags are thrown into the Brydon Creek protected area, just off 55A Avenue. Select the image to enlarge.

As you can see, people are tossing pet waste-filled bags into the creek. There are signs by creeks in Langley City that include a salmon logo. These logos aren't just for looks; these are active, salmon-barring waterways. I've personally seen salmon in these waterways.

Simply put, dog waste in creek areas kills fish.

If you are a dog owner reading this blog, I'm sure you are a responsible owner. If you have friends who are dog owners, please help spread the word about how toxic dog waste is and that people must handle it appropriately, either through a dog waste disposal service or by flushing it down the toilet. Never toss it into a natural area.

For the City's part, we completed an audit of public disposal bins, and we know they are full of pet waste. The City is working towards better managing this waste in our bins.


Anonymous said...

I agree, I see these little bags everywhere, I’ve even seen them at times in Douglas Park and close to my home as well. These owners need to be more responsible, and if it be, they should be fined for littering. I know that hard to do enforce because of limited resources. But something needs to be done.Its getting disgusting.

Andrew Palmer said...

Hey Nathan, thank you for highlighting this issue. It's clear we need more garbage bins along 55A, Brydon Crescent, and 198th Street. The nearest bin on 198th at Brydon Park isn't enough. How can residents request a garbage can in the area?

Nathan Pachal said...

I've asked about the possibility of installing a bin in that area.

Anonymous said...

This is a huge problem in our area, I’m near 56/196 and the amount of residents who don’t pick up after there pets is ridiculous. Also, we need more bins in the area to manage pet waste and definitely more enforcement with fines and more penalties for owners who don’t pick up their dogs waste. Last thing is most of the pets in the area are not even registered so more enforcement, the ones who do everything within the bylaws are the ones punished while the ones who do nothing get away with everything. I really hope the city starts looking at this. My estimate is 80% of residents in this area own a pet or multiple pets.