Monday, October 23, 2023

October 16 Council Notes: Property Tax Exemptions and Intelligent Community Forum

In BC, places of worship (such as temples, mosques, gurudwaras, and churches) are exempt from paying property tax. This exemption is called a statutory property tax exemption, and it only applies to the land underneath the actual place of worship building but doesn't include parking lots and landscaping. BC law also allows local governments to provide permissive tax exemptions for any land used by places of worship and non-profits, plus land that local governments use. This exemption is called a permissive property tax exemption.

Now, these exemptions are not free lunches. In BC, property taxes are calculated by dividing the money a local government needs by the total property value within that local government's boundary. So each exempt property, all other things being equal, raises the property tax on all other property owners.

Like many municipalities, Langley City maintains permissive tax exemptions for all land used by places of worship. Langley City also provides permissive tax exemptions for other non-profits.

Given the overall tax implications, the number of properties that receive these exemptions is rarely expanded.

Every year, Langley City Council must approve these permissive tax exemptions. This year, Council gave first, second, and third reading to a bylaw to approve the following permissive exemptions.

Organization and Address Amount
Roman Catholic Archbishop of Vancouver - 20676 Fraser Hwy $75,000.00
Vineyard Christian Fellowship - 5708 Glover Rd $47,668.00
Langley Seniors Resource Society - 20605 51B Ave $42,532.00
Langley Memorial Hospital Auxiliary - 20560 Fraser Hwy $39,533.00
Langley Lawn Bowling - 20471 54 Ave $34,548.00
Langley Care Society - 5451 204 St $29,696.00
Town & Field Church - 20719 48 Ave $27,336.00
Langley Community Music School - 4899 207 St $27,104.00
Vancouver Global Mission Church - 5673 200 St $25,974.00
Anglican Parish of St Andrew's - 20955 Old Yale Rd $23,773.00
Church of the Nazarene Canada Pacific District - 19991 49 Ave $21,371.00
Bridge Community Church - 5521 Brydon Cres $17,153.00
Encompass Support Services Society - 20616 Eastleigh Cres $14,642.00
Langley Food Bank - 20308 Logan Ave $12,181.00
Langley Community Services Society - 5339 207 St $10,274.00
Inclusion Langley Society 20689 - Fraser Hwy $9,384.00
Langley Stepping Stones - 20101 Michaud Cres $9,326.00
New Apostolic Church Canada - 19999 53 Ave $6,373.00
Langley Hospice Society - 20660 48 Ave $4,849.00
Inclusion Langley Society - 4570 209A St $2,888.00
Inclusion Langley Society - 4830 196 St $2,876.00
Council of the Salvation Army - 5787 Langley Bypass $2,647.00
Inclusion Langley Society - 19977 45A Ave $2,495.00
Inclusion Langley Society - 312-5650 201A St $1,109.00
Inclusion Langley Society - 210-20239 Michaud Cres $1,101.00
Inclusion Langley Society - 208-20239 Michaud Cres $1,093.00
Inclusion Langley Society - 210-5650 201A St $785.00
Total $493,711.00

In Langley City, these exemptions will result in a 1.27% property tax increase in 2023 for other property owners.

On a different note, at the same October 16th meeting, Council also approved authorizing the City's CAO Francis Cheung to attend and speak at the Intelligent Community Forum Global Summit in New York City from October 25 through 27 for an estimated cost of $2,500.00.

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