Thursday, October 19, 2023

Council Supports Call to Reduce Speeding on 208th Street Hill

Crosswalk on 208th Street Hill

As I posted a few weeks ago, Langley City Council received a presentation from residents who live along Berry Hill/208th Street Hill. They expressed their ongoing concerns with speeding along that section of road, which has resulted in people crashing their vehicles into fences, hedges, and each other over time.

The residents produced an 86-person petition calling for action.

At last Monday night's Langley City Council meeting, we considered a motion from Councillor Albrecht.

THAT Staff request ICBC for speeding and red-light cameras at the intersections of 48th Avenue and 208th Street and 45A Avenue and 208th Street (pending this signals installation) or other applicable locations to provide tangible and measurable evidence that proves speed is a real and serious concern along this corridor.
THAT Staff review and explore engineering safety improvements, traffic calming, dedicated bus lanes or any other measures that will slow down traffic at Grade Cres and 208 Street specifically, along 208th Street Hill and other locations along 208 Street in general, including the associated costs as part of Langley City's new Transport 2045 plan.

Council unanimously endorsed this motion. I mentioned at the meeting that I already had a preliminary call with ICBC about speeding and red-light intersection cameras. ICBC stated that they do not have the capacity to install additional cameras at this time. I noted to Council that I have a further meeting with ICBC scheduled and will inquire how we can "get to yes" for these intersection cameras in Langley City.

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