Thursday, April 13, 2023

Report Crime Online to the RCMP. Help make Langley Safer

Langley RCMP

Whenever there is an emergency, harm to a person, or possible harm to a person, always call 911. To report a crime where an emergency response is not required, you can call the Langley RCMP non-emergency phone number at 604-532-3200 or report the crime online.

You can use the online crime reporting tool to report:

  • Something that was damaged or vandalized
  • Something that was stolen
  • Something that was lost
  • Someone who was driving poorly

It is important to report crime as it helps the police determine how to deploy their resources and target crime hotspots.

Even if it seems minor, please consider using the online crime reporting tool. Using the online tool takes less than 15 minutes, and reporting crime helps make our community safer.

Use Online Crime Reporting


Anonymous said...

What about reporting homeless people living on your property? We call police and they say they don’t have the resources to do anything, and even if they do show up homeless guy keeps coming back. We’ve cut the trees back and he still comes back. Then the other day he walked around our complex knocking door to door. What can we do ?

Anonymous said...

Please send me an email to