Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Understanding the embedded costs of Metro Vancouver Regional District Services

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When you look at your property tax bill, you’ll likely see a line item called “Metro Vancouver.” This property tax line item is one of the funding sources for the Metro Vancouver Regional District though it is not its most significant source of revenue.

The most significant sources of revenue for the Metro Vancouver Regional District are water, sewer, and solid waste fees. Munipcailities purchase water and pay a levy to the regional district to process sewer. Langley City’s water and sewer fees charged to property owners include the regional district’s costs plus City’s costs to maintain the local water and sewer infrastructure. These water and sewer charges show up on your property tax bill, are billed to your strata (which becomes part of your strata fees), or your water and sewer bill if you are a high-volume water/sewer user. High-volume users include some commercial properties. Garbage fees, known as “tipping fees,” are embedded into your solid waste fees, either on your property tax bill or embedded in the cost you or your strata pay to private solid waste haulers.

The following graphic shows the average household costs from Metro Vancouver services and how much each revenue source contributes to the overall funding for the regional district and its overall expenditures.

Breakdown of Metro Vancouver Regional District Costs. Select the graphic to enlarge. Source: Metro Vancouver

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