Tuesday, January 17, 2023

January 16 Council Notes: Delegations to Council

Yesterday was the first public Langley City Council meeting of the new year and marked the return to in-person meetings at City Hall.

People can apply to speak to City Council about any matter within the City’s jurisdiction at a Council meeting. Please visit the City’s website for more information on how to present to Council.

City’s Council heard two delegations. The first delegation was from Stewart Furness, whose son Steven Furness was killed in a mass shooting this summer in Langley City and Township. Steven was experiencing homelessness at the time of his death. Stewart called on the City to partner to build low-barrier housing for people experiencing homelessness and provided Council with an additional information package.

The second delegation was from David Stingl, who owns a business on the Fraser Highway One-Way in Downtown Langley. The City plans to replace the underground water and sewer lines under Fraser Highway, which are at the end of their useful life. Since City contractors will need to dig up the one-way section, the City is also planning to improve the streetscape. You can read a previous post to see what the proposed improvements are.

Mr. Stingl, who provided a petition with around a dozen businesses, stated they were worried about the proposed project’s impacts and wanted to make sure that the City would consult with them on the proposed construction plan and design.

I told Mr. Stingl that the construction project would start no earlier than 2024 and that the City would meaningfully consult with impacted businesses before the project begins.

Tomorrow, I will post about the other matters addressed at yesterday’s meeting.


Lin Maxwell said...

What is the anticipated length of time that the Fraser Hwy one way section will be closed for construction work?

Nathan Pachal said...

We don’t have that information yet. Staff is looking at a phased approach to this as well. I expect more information to be available later this year.

Anonymous said...

Why were those trees so quickly removed? The few remaining seem healthy...... Just another tragedy?

Nathan Pachal said...

Are you referring to the trees that were on the Fraser Highway One Way?