Thursday, July 28, 2022

July 25 Council Notes: Terry Fox Run Back, New Mosaic Mural, Gifts Council Can Receive

This year has been challenging for organizations and groups that host in-person events as people get back into the swing of things after the relaxation of public health measures. The Terry Fox Run is back this year in Langley though the organizers were late in getting in their community grant application. Given the exceptional past few years, Council approved their late application for $1,083 to allow the run to proceed. They will use this in-kind funding for renting Spirit Square and space at Douglas Rec Centre and for all required permits.

On Monday, Council also approved investing up to $10,000 for two murals on the side of the Rotary Centennial Park washroom building, as recommended by Langley City’s Arts, Recreation, Culture and Heritage Committee. The funding is from the City’s Public Art Fund.

One mural will be 19’ by 8’ and made of mosaic tiles. The second will be a 13’ by 8’ painted mural. Both will feature the theme of flight and movement, “recognizing the flight paths of birds and planes in the area, as well as movement from one place to another, and transitions of people in the area.”

Council approved an update to its policy “CO-45 Solicited or Unsolicited Gifts or Benefits Received by Members of City Council.” This update clarified when a member of Council can receive a gift and how a member of Council must report gifts they receive.

As a general rule, members of Council must not accept gifts or favours from people except if “it is a result of a protocol or social obligations that normally accompany the responsibilities of elected office.”

For example, if a member of Council is invited to a dinner or golf tournament to represent the City or show support for a non-profit community organization, that is permitted. If a resident or business owner buys a member of Council a coffee to have a chat, that would be OK too.

If a developer gives a member of Council box tickets to an NHL game complete with a comped fancy dinner and overnight hotel stay, that would not be acceptable.

A member of Council must disclose all gifts or benefits valued at more than $250.

Finally, Council referred two motions from the Mayor to staff for comment. The motions related to events around the motion of censure and sanction against the Mayor.

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