Monday, May 9, 2022

TransLink’s New Ten-Year Vision. More transportation choices with safer cycling and walking infrastructure

Safer walking and cycling infrastructure

While TransLink is best known for its transit service throughout Metro Vancouver, they are also responsible for funding the regional road network, including cycling and walking infrastructure. Last month, I posted that TransLink and the Mayors’ Council are working on their ten-year prioritized transportation infrastructure vision. Improving bus service, including introducing Bus Rapid Transit, is a big part of their new ten-year vision. Walking and cycling infrastructure is also an important part of that vision.

Transport 2050: Regional Cycling Network

Walking and cycling will be a significant part of our future transportation network in Langley City, which is 3km by 3.7km in size. An average person would be able to bike from one end of town to the other in about 10 minutes. Building safer cycling and walking infrastructure will be key to providing people with transportatin choices in our community as people do not feel safe cycling in many parts of our community today. There are still parts of Langley City that don’t have sidewalks.

Langley City is an Urban Centre per TransLink’s definition.

Over the next decade, TransLink is proposing to:

  • Complete up to 66% of its 2050 walkway network in Urban Centres and Frequent Development Transit Areas near rapid transit stations, frequent transit, and other important areas served by transit
  • Complete up to 75% of the traffic-separated 2050 Major Bikeway Network, implementing bike networks for all Urban Centres, and supporting the Regional Greenway Network
  • Install 200 new bike lockers and build 6 new bike parkades in underserved areas
  • Install 140 additional bike counters to grow the regional bike monitoring program

Parents should feel comfortable letting their kids bike to school once TransLink actions its ten-year vision in Langley City. People will also feel safer riding their bikes to one of our two SkyTrain stations and take advantage of secured bike parking.

There should also be sidewalks in our industrial areas near SkyTrain, such as in the Production Way industrial area.

With congestion increasing and the cost of fuel increasing, I’m excited that TransLink will be partnering with municipalities throughout Metro Vancouver to expand transportation choices for people in our region.

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