Monday, April 25, 2022

Transit Priorities over the Next Decade: RapidBus and Bus Rapid Transit

TransLink is currently working with its partners, including the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation, to develop a list of priority transportation measures to implement over the coming decade. These measures are based on the overall goals of Transport 2050, the region’s long-term transportation vision.

RapidBus. Select image to enlarge.

TransLink plans to implement 11 new RapidBus lines over the next decade. TransLink will convert some of these current and planned RapidBus routes to Bus Rapid Transit over time.

Map of proposed transit improvements over the next decade. Select map to enlarge.

RapidBus routes have enhanced bus stops with real-time schedules, articulated buses, and transit priority measures such as queue-jumping lanes, bus lanes, and traffic signal prioritization. With RapidBus, these priority measures are only implemented in select locations along the route. With Bus Rapid Transit, these transit priority measures run along the whole route. Additionally, RapidBus bus-only lanes in the region use paint and signs to keep other traffic out of those lanes. There is physical separation with bus rapid transit lanes to keep other traffic out of those lanes.

The only Bus Rapid Transit that Metro Vancouver had was along No. 3 Road for the 98 B-Line in Richmond. This Bus Rapid Transit was removed when the Canada Line opened.

98 B-Line Bus Rapid Transit on No. 3 Road in Richmond. Image Source: Busologist

TransLink will create the following RapidBus routes in the first five years of the plan:

  • Langley – Haney Place (200th St)
  • Lynn Valley – Downtown/Lonsdale
  • Marine Drive – 22nd St Station
  • Newton - White Rock (R1 extension)
  • R7 Richmond – Expo Line
In the second half of the plan, TransLink will create these routes:
  • Ambleside – Downtown (Lions Gate)
  • Carvolth – Scott Rd (96 Ave)
  • Commercial/Victoria
  • Langley – White Rock (24 Ave)
  • New Westminster Station – Brentwood (Canada Way)
  • Newton – Guildford (152nd St)

Over the decade, TransLink would convert the following routes to Bus Rapid Transit:

  • Hastings St (upgrade from R5)
  • King George Blvd (Surrey to White Rock)
  • Langley – Haney Place (200 St - Golden Ears - Lougheed Hwy)
  • Lougheed Hwy (upgrade from R3)
  • Lynn Valley – Downtown/Lonsdale (Lions Gate)
  • Marine Drive Station – 22nd St Station (Marine Way)
  • Richmond Centre – Metrotown (Knight-Victoria-49th Ave)
  • Scott Road (upgrade from R6)

By focusing on improving bus service, TransLink will be able to provide fast, frequent transit service to more people than just building SkyTrain alone.

For more information, please read TransLink’s new Discussion Guide.


jezzica said...

Newton to Guildford has already been running. its not in a "2nd half of a plan"

Nathan Pachal said...

RapidBus is already in service, but not traffic separated bus rapid transit.