Monday, April 11, 2022

Langley City Engineering: 208th Bike Lanes, Landfill Pump, and Other Projects

Last Monday, Langley City Council heard from our Engineering, Parks, and Environment Director on projects that the City has under construction. At any given time, the City has millions of dollars of projects that are on the go. The City funds these projects with developer contributions, casino revenue, funds from TransLink, the province, the feds, and property tax.

Some current projects include:

Widening the sidewalks on the 208th Street Causeway bridge to accommodate protected bike lanes.

208th Street Bridge Sidewalk Widening. Select image to enlarge. Picture Source: Langley City

Starting the processes to upgrade the leachate pump station at the top of the Pleasedale Creek Trail. This pump station keeps runoff from the old landfill under the Uplands Dog Offleash Park from getting into the groundwater.

Leachate Pump Station Upgrades. Select image to enlarge. Picture Source: Langley City

Repairing water meters throughout the City.

Getting Sendall Gardens ready for the summer.

Installing anti-slip tread on the Langley Creek pedestrian bride at City Park.

Upgrading the area near the Penzer Park washrooms with a new garden and seating.

Penzer Park Improvements. Select image to enlarge. Picture Source: Langley City

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Anonymous said...

Penzer Park is basically out of reach if you are carless and/or disabled or old. It is amongst housing where locals have their own beautiful yards.