Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Water, Sewer, Garbage, Dog Licensing, and Timms Community Centre Fee Increases

At yesterday’s Langely City Council meeting, Council approved the new 2022 water, sewer, and garbage rates. The water rate is increasing by 9¢/m3, the sewer rate is increasing by 8¢/m3, and the garbage rate is increasing by $20 per year. You can read more in a previous post.

Council also gave first, second, and third reading to update the Fees and Charges Bylaw.

Of interesting, the City is proposing to increase the dog licensing fees by one to five dollars depending on if you are a senior, pay early, and if your pet is neutered or spayed.

The annual Timms Community Centre games room or fitness track pass will increase from $10 to $20. While this is still a great value at about 5¢/day, for some younger people who use our games room, paying $20 to access the room may limit access. I asked City staff about this, and they told me that young people could apply for the Leisure Access Grant Program without needing their parents, which would provide a deep discount (up to 75%) for the pass. The City’s youth worker would help any young person complete the grant application.

Not everyone has a great home life, so providing low barrier access to our games room helps provide an escape for many young people. I’m glad that the Leisure Access Grant Program can mitigate the proposed fee increase.

The City is also introducing a $300 annual external trainer pass or $90/quarter pass for an external trainer and their client to use City facilities.

The City is increasing the business licensing fees by 3%, which happens automatically every year.

You can download a complete list of proposed fee increases from the City’s website.

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