Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Majority support Langley City’s proposed new Official Community Plan and Nicomekl River District Neighbourhood Plan

Over the last two years, Langley City staff and consultants have been working on an updated Official Community Plan, which prepares for the future Surrey-Langley SkyTrain extension, addresses housing affordability, and strengthens environmental protection.

City Council members, members of the public, and stakeholders such as Kwantlen First Nation have participated in workshops, open houses, surveys and provided written comments throughout the process.

179 people participated in virtual open houses, and 332 people participated in a survey about the proposed updated Official Community Plan and accompanying Nicomekl River District Neighbourhood Plan in February of this year.

Langley City’s consultant presented the feedback from the open houses and survey at Monday’s Council meeting.

Overall, two-thirds of survey respondents supposed the overall vision of the proposed Official Community Plan. In addition, 52% supported the land-uses proposed in the plan.

The following are the five key themes of the proposed Official Community Plan and the level of support from survey respondents.

  • Affordable Living and Diverse Housing for all Generations – 61%
  • A Highly Connected City Aligned with Rapid Transit – 67%
  • A Safe and Inclusive Community Rich with Cultural Destinations – 77%
  • A Responsive Community that Creates New Jobs – 74%
  • Environmental Solutions to Fight Climate Change – 79%
Map of Nicomekl River District. Select map to enlarge.

On the proposed Nicomekl River District Neighbourhood Plan, 62% of survey respondents supported the vision, with 54% supporting the land-uses.

The following are the themes for the proposed Nicomekl River District Neighbourhood Plan and the level of support from respondents.

  • A Walkable & Accessible Neighbourhood – 73%
  • A Complete Neighourhood – 60%
  • An Ecologically Sensitive Neighourhood – 78%
  • A Hertigate Conscious Neighourhood – 71%
  • A Playful & Safe Neighbourhood – 71%

The following key themes emerged from the feedback that the City received.

  • All parts of both plans received majority support from survey respondents
  • There is strong support for environmental policies such as protecting the Nicomekl River ecosystem
  • Land-use policies generated the most concern with fear about changes in single-detached housing neighbourhoods
  • People were concerned that the City’s infrastructure, including roads/parking, would not be able to keep up with population increases
  • People noted that community safety is critical

Tomorrow, I post about how Langley City staff and consultants addressed the concerns raised in the survey and open houses in the latest versions of the plans.

You can read the full survey results available on the City’s website.

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