Tuesday, April 20, 2021

April 12 Public Hearing Notes: 6-storey building proposal near 207th Street and Douglas Crescent

On the evening of Monday, April 12th, Council hosted a virtual public hearing to gather feedback on a proposed 6-storey, 68-unit apartment building located on the east side of 207th Street. While the building is 6-storeys, beyond the fourth storey, the building steps back to reduce the impact of shadowing on neighbouring properties. It also reduces the massing of the building, which reduces its perceived height.

Rendering of proposed apartment at 5394, 5396, 5400, & 5402 207 Street from 207th Street. Select image to enlarge.

Rendering of proposed apartment at 5394, 5396, 5400, & 5402 207 Street from lane. Select image to enlarge.

The proposed building has 11 two-stories, 3-bedroom townhouses on the ground level, 39 one-bedroom, and 18 two-bedroom apartment units.

The proposed building will have 89 resident parking spaces and 12 visitor spaces. Six of these spaces will be accessible. Ten parking spaces will have EV charging on day one, while the remaining spots will be pre-ducted to accommodate EV charging in the future.

The proposed building will require an update to the current Offical Community Plan, rezoning, and a development permit. While the building needs an update to the current Offical Community Plan, it is consistent with the proposed new Offical Community Plan.

While no one but Council, City staff, and the development proponent attended the public hearing, Council received three letters from residents expressing concern about the building’s height. TransLink also submitted feedback noting that the building will help support creating a transit-friendly community. TransLink also encouraged the developer to make this a rental building.

The project also went through the City’s Advisory Design Panel, which includes architects, landscape architects, an accessibility representative, an RCMP member, a school board trustee, and members of the public.

The panel recommended:

  • Adding weather protection over the rooftop elevator access
  • Adding weather protection/pergola for a portion of the rooftop deck
  • Moving the garbage room south along the lane and enhancing the garbage room design
  • Making the lobby entrance more prominent
  • Making the 6th-floor amenity area larger
  • Adding seating to the amenity area on the 2nd floor near the play structure
  • Providing additional warm colour materials on the fa├žade to contrast with the white and grey materials
  • Adding a more extensive play structure for the amenity space
  • Shifting the accessible parking spaces closer to the elevator
  • Adding solar panels to supplement building energy use
  • Addressing privacy issues on level 5 and 6

Except for adding solar panels, the proponent accepted and addressed the recommendations of the Advisory Design Panel. The proponent will include space in the mechanical room and conduits to support solar panels in the future.

The next step for this proposed project will be for Council to consider giving the Offical Community Plan and rezoning third reading to accommodate the project.


Shaun said...

Difficult day to be putting forward another 6 story wood frame building in Langley after a night of flames and smoke from the Willoughby 6 storey wood frame building fire.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Langley adopt a bylaw for every new build to include EV parking for all parking - all units. Other municipalities have put this in place with success.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see all rental buildings have a mandatory set percentage of units subsidised for low income persons