Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The results for the “Totally Unofficial Name-That-Park Survey” are in…

The results are in for the “Totally Unofficial Name-That-Park Survey” for the unnamed parkette at the corner of Fraser Highway and Production Way. The clear choice for people was “Railway Park.”

Unnamed parklet at the corner of Fraser Highway and Production Way

The vote breakdown is as follows:

Some people have asked why I wanted to name this parklette in an industrial area along a busy railway.

Currently, Langley City is working on updating its official community plan. One of the proposed land-use concepts is to transform Fraser Highway into a mixed-use corridor with shops and services at ground-level, and residents above. This parklette would be the western gateway to this mixed-use area. Also being considered in the update is to improve walking and cycling access between the Willowbrook Mall area, through the proposed mixed-use corridor, and Downtown Langley.

This parklette may not seen like much today, but it will become an important location as our community continues to grow.

Since this was not a City-run survey, I will be asking my council colleagues to consider an official naming context as we get closer to the completion of the updated official community plan.

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